descriptionClearSCM Source Repository. Note parts of this repo are under GPL. Other parts are copyright ClearSCM, Inc.
last changeTue, 10 Apr 2018 02:59:32 +0000 (19:59 -0700)
2018-04-10 Andrew DeFariaVarious changes and additions for UCM and testing things master
2018-03-06 Andrew DeFariaRenamed checkaddress
2018-03-06 Andrew DeFariaUpdated cleantmp
2018-02-22 Andrew DeFariaNew script -
2018-02-22 Andrew DeFariaLarge MAPS update
2018-02-20 Andrew DeFariaMinor cosmetic changes
2018-02-09 Andrew DeFariaAdded hit counting
2018-02-08 Andrew DeFariaRecreated Resume in long format.
2018-01-23 Andrew DeFariaMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2018-01-23 Andrew DeFariaFixed bug in detail.cgi
2018-01-23 Andrew DeFariaFixed to remove call to sh-script.el
2018-01-23 Andrew DeFariaFixed bug hit_count was not being returned properly
2018-01-18 Andrew DeFariaAdded hit_count
2018-01-16 Andrew DeFariaFixed for whitelist
2018-01-13 Andrew DeFariaFixed long standing bug with hit_count
2018-01-13 Andrew DeFariaChanged algorithm for determining which list
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