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2019-10-18 Andrew DeFariaFixed typo in pod master
2019-09-30 Andrew DeFariaFixed problem where from had quotes and/or subject...
2019-09-12 Andrew DeFariaFixed term date for GD to be consistent
2019-09-10 Andrew DeFariaUpdated resume to add WF
2019-09-10 Andrew DeFariaAdded PowerPoint Presentation for CQD
2019-09-04 Andrew DeFariaAdded randomizeFrom
2019-08-08 Andrew DeFariaAdded PowerPoint presentation
2019-07-24 Andrew DeFariaAdded some changes for WellsFargo
2019-07-14 Andrew DeFariaAdded code so that is silent at night
2019-07-09 Andrew DeFariaFixed Nulllist Marked in ListDomains.php
2019-05-31 Andrew DeFariaShortened some labels
2019-05-13 Andrew DeFariaMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2019-05-13 Andrew DeFariaFixed bug with not displaying some email messages.
2019-04-30 Andrew DeFariaAdded announcement of daemon running
2019-04-30 Andrew DeFariaRemoved duplicate files
2019-04-26 Andrew DeFariaUpdate getPicture.conf
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