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last changeTue, 18 Aug 2020 11:10:35 +0000 (04:10 -0700)
2020-08-18 Andrew DeFariaMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// master
2020-08-18 Andrew DeFariaFixed importlist.cgi
2020-08-10 Andrew DeFariaUpdated setbg to properly handle the case when the...
2020-08-06 Andrew DeFariaRemoved .htaccess
2020-08-06 Andrew DeFariaMade Resume.docx a copy of ResumeBland.docx
2020-08-06 Andrew DeFariaNew script to set the background image of the login...
2020-08-06 Andrew DeFariaAdded /snap/bin to PATH
2020-08-06 Andrew DeFariaEnhanced setbg
2020-08-06 Andrew DeFariaNew MySQL syntax for creating user and granting privileges
2020-07-18 Andrew DeFariaMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2020-07-18 Andrew DeFariaChanges necessary to update to Ubuntu 16.04
2020-07-18 Andrew DeFariaFixed little bug...
2020-07-18 Andrew DeFariaModified cleantmp.conf and setbg
2020-07-15 Andrew DeFariaAdded friendly greetings
2020-07-07 Andrew DeFariaChanged announceEMail to stop polling and use a callback
2020-06-02 Andrew DeFariaMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
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