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2018-10-26 Andrew DeFariaUpdates from work master
2018-09-27 Andrew DeFariaChanges to use MySQL for
2018-09-27 Andrew DeFariaAdded puppet files
2018-08-30 Andrew DeFariaMore changes to Clearcase and Clearquest stuff
2018-08-30 Andrew DeFariaChanged permission bits
2018-07-20 Andrew DeFariaMore changes for GD
2018-07-20 Andrew DeFariaIncorporating into
2018-07-18 Andrew DeFariaSome cosmetic edits
2018-07-03 hn06511Minor changes
2018-06-07 hn06511Fixed .logout
2018-05-21 Andrew DeFariaVarious perm changes
2018-05-21 hn06511Various changes
2018-04-26 Andrew DeFariaMore changes from GD development
2018-04-11 Andrew DeFariaFixed syntax error
2018-04-10 Andrew DeFariaVarious changes and additions for UCM and testing things
2018-03-06 Andrew DeFariaRenamed checkaddress
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